Planets Montessori Nursery Villa 10, Street 2, 66993, United Arab Emirates

  • Fees information not supplied. Please send fee structure to
  • Location is Villa 10, Street 2, Markania / Markhania / Markhaniyah / Markhaniya
  • Owner's name, date founded, location map, etc not supplied.
  • New website at (under construction, "coming soon"). Previous domain (without 'r') is spam, domain (with 'r') forwards to new domain.
  • New email address Previous email (unknown if still valid).
  • Planets Montessori Nursery accepts children from as young as 0 months (according to website) to 4 or 5 years (both seen on website).
  • PMN website is at, not (no 'r' in nursery - maybe was a typo when they registered it) at present but that might change.
  • Email is what is on the PMN website but if it fails then try (without the 'r'). Previous email was Also try but seen in some sources is probably a typo.
  • Also called Planet / Planets Montessori Nurturing?
  • Postal address also or was PO Box 1932?
  • Many popular nurseries are full for 2012-2013. New nurseries in Al Ain might have places.
  • Nursery fees vary depending on how many days and hours your child attends. Please check with nursery for up-to-date details.
  • International nurseries in Al Ain

    School Information

    Wadima Ahmed Mohammed Butti (Director)

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