Al Maali International School Abu Dhabi, 42007, United Arab Emirates

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  • Registration fee AED 500.
  • School offers Arabic curriculum grades K-11 and American curriculum grades K-9.
  • Media reports on 24 April 2012 said that a grade 7 girl was hospitalized in an intensive care unit, in a coma with a brain haemorrhage, after a group of boys at the school allegedly bullied her and beat her up (on Thursday 19 April 2012) after the victim reportedly apologised after being accidently pushed into one of the boys. The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) is investigating the incident. The father of the girl also reportedly filed a case at the Musaffah Police Station.
  • According to the Gulf News, the school is in Mussaffah (The Grade 7 pupil, who attends the Al Ma'ali Private School in Mussafah), but as far as we know, it is in the Al Bateen area of Abu Dhabi.
  • A report in The National on 26 April 2012 quoted the school principal, Khadeeja Al Sayar, as saying "These fights happen all the time. The boys were questioned by the police. After the officers made them understand the gravity of the situation, the boys still said they only gave her a box on the stomach."
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  • 27 April 2012 - Gulf News reported with the headline "Principal pleads for errant pupils accused of bashing Loujain", quoting the principal as saying about the boys "They are now scared and depressed because they had been identified online and are being harassed daily". The report did not say if the principal thought the victim was also scared and depressed (the victim had also been identified online and in print), although that might be difficult to know at present since the victim is still apparently in a coma. Nor did the report say if the principal agreed with the apparent Gulf News implication that she seemed to be sympathetic to the bullies but not to the victim.
  • 27 April 2012 - The National reported that the victim had an underlying medical condition which meant she was more susceptible to a brain haemorrhage if she was beaten - had a condition called arteriovenous malformation (AVM), said Dr Hasnain Haider-Shah, a consultant physician of interventional radiology at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City. Dr Haider-Shah said [name removed] also had a pre-existing aneurysm, an enlarged artery caused by a weakened blood vessel. The doctor was quoted as saying "The slightest amount of trauma could have caused bleeding, and the degree of injury on the soft tissue indicates the attack may not have caused this much bleeding on its own, but acted as a trigger."
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  • Also referred to as Al Ma'ali International School, Al Mali School, Al Maali Private School, Maali International Private School, etc.

School Information

Khadija Al Sayar (Principal)
6,500-13,000 dhs per year (2006-2007)

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